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What's in your local area?

Iron Horse Trail

This trail follows the abandoned Canadian National Railway line. This recreation corridor is part of the Trans-Canada Trail and offers endless kilometers of trails for runners. Plus, there are numerous quad trails that hook up to the Iron Horse Trail.

Terrain: Gravel, entirely flat and some muddy ruts from off road vehicles.

Special Concern: You can encounter wildlife, atv’s, other off road vehicles and bikes.

Access: Just behind Fast Gas in Cold Lake South there are picnic tables and a staging area which lead you to the trail. 

Cold Lake (South Shore) Provincial Park Trail

This is a well-maintained year round trail system. The trails have maps and marks along the path. Discover the lookout to halls lagoon and the hidden amphitheater while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Terrain: Gravel & dirt path, generally dry except the washed out portion of the trail along the beach. These paths have numerous hills all throughout the trail system.

Special Concern: Wild life, bikes and domestic pets. There are no motorized vehicles on these paths

Access: Easiest access point is to go to the Provincial Park beach and swim area. Then follow the beach to the right and up the hill to follow the trail. 

African Lake Bike Trail

This is an unmaintained trail, which is muddy and rutted throughout. If you are not familiar with the trail you will want to have a map or gps to navigate it as there are numerous trails that merge onto the African Lake Bike Trail and it is easy to get lost.

Terrain: Dirt and mud, off road vehicle ruts, generally wet throughout the year and has several hills.

Special Concern: Off road vehicles and wildlife

Access: Follow 8th Street by Cold Lake Elementary in the North past the school and into the trees and you are lead directly onto the trail. You can also access the trail from the Brady Heights hill which is described below. 

Brady Heights Hill

This is a 1.5km loop which is a quad trail the hooks up to the African Lake Trail system and other trails. It is a hill loop with a long gradual climb and is accessible year round, but not maintained.

Terrain: Dirt, rocks and mud.

Special Concern: Off road vehicles, wildlife, domestic pets and very slippery when wet.

Access: You can enter through the park located at 5340 44th St, there is a small gate at the back right of the park, which is overgrown, but passable or you can enter just past the junction of 41st and 53 Ave. 

Cold Lake (North Shore) Provincial Park Trail

If you enjoy a secluded outdoor adventure this ones for you. This is a remote and not very well maintained trail. More suitable for a hike than running, you'll want to wear long pants. Make sure to bring some biodegradable trail tape as well to mark your way as a couple different trails tie into one. Cell service is not always available. If you aren't into the trail the beach is beautiful and quiet.

Terrain: Woodland path, thick vegetation growth and some fallen trees.

Special Concern: Wild life, domestic pets, thick vegetation, no cell service and remote. There are no motorized vehicles on these paths

Access: Follow highway 897 and pass the turnoff to Marie Lake the highway 897 then turns to gravel. Several km down the road there is a sign that says Moons Landing to the right. Turn right at this gravel road. Follow the road all the way down to the left until you see a park entrance which says Medley Facility Access Alberta Parks. Park to the left of this sign and you will see a metal gate which blocks motor vehicles to the trail head. Check out the maps page for further details.

More to come......stay tuned...